Nigel Metcalf


Chocolate & Fudge, Horses Grazing near Kedleston Estate

Walking around Derbyshire near Kedleston Estate where there lives a beautiful horse of a chocolate and vanilla colour grazing in a field of buttercups. On the other side of the road, a few 100 yards further along a pony of fudge and vanilla colour grazes.
So I thought I would introduce them and they now graze together in the fields of buttercups.
Available for £400.00, for further information please contact the artist Nigel.

Oil on Board
40cm x 50cm

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Sheep and The Followers at Kedleston Hall Estate
Sheep with Lambs at Fishing Pavilion
Sheep with lambs at Kedleston Hall Stone Bridge
Sheep Taking a Rest
Sheep at Kedleston Estate Stone Bridge
Sheep with Lambs near Kedleston Estate II
Sheep with lambs near Kedleston Estate
Cows in Derbyshire, England
Chocolate & Fudge, Horses Grazing near Kedleston Estate
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